Born in Sheffield, I am very proud of my Yorkshire heritage but having lived in the North East for almost four decades, Co Durham is now my home.

I have had jobs as diverse as ledger clerk to playgroup leader but I found my calling in the charity sector and have been a charity shop manager for the last twenty years. While I have enjoyed all of the jobs that I have done to pay the bills, the ‘job’ that I do because I love it is writing. I have done it all of my life but it was 2006 before I actually saw something that I had written in print.

Since then, I have had short stories published in books and magazines and have written travel pieces for a leading national weekly. In 2016 the first of my four books was published.

Away from writing and work, I enjoy reading (who doesn’t?), gardening, cooking and walking the dog. All of my dogs have been rescue’s and Rocko is our latest.

All in all, I would say that I am a pretty ordinary person who just happens to enjoy writing books and my philosophy on life is don’t make anything harder than it needs to be.